Victor Osimhen named in report on suspicious transfers in Italian Football

A report on questionable transfer activity in the last two years was sent to the Italian FA (FIGC) by the Italian football watchdog (COVISOC) and one of the transactions highlighted involves that of Nigeria’s Victor Osimhen from Lille to Napoli.

The research focused on 62 transactions that took place between 2019 and 2021, with a focus on player exchanges and profitability. Meanwhile, COVISOC has invited Giuseppe Chine, the prosecutor of the FIGC, to look into the transfers it has flagged.

The Italian and international press have regularly questioned the figures from the transfer deals, but calculating capital gains from player swaps is a legal accounting procedure. However, COVISOC’s results can be described as “generic” and “critical” of the method of documenting huge profits from player trades when little or no money actually moves between clubs.

Gabriele Gravina, the president of the GIFC, said after the summer transfer window of 2019 that buy-back provisions would no longer be used in Italian football transfers.

In an annexe to the financial accounts, the supervisory body listed the names and amounts involved. It began with Franco Tongya and Marley Aké, who were traded for €8 million by Juventus and Marseille, and are presently playing in the fourth French series and Serie C.

Osimhen was named as part of the deal involving four players that were sold to Lille for €20 million as part of the Osimhen-Napoli package. Of the four, three have already returned to Italy with two in Serie D and one in Serie C, while the fourth has never played in Lille.

Several transfers to Juventus are being considered, with 42 transactions and 21 players involved for a total of €90 million, with a budget of only €3 million and €40 million in benefits. There are also findings around major names: Pjanic and Arthur for Barça, Cancelo and Danilo for City.

It is now up to Chine to decide whether the FIGC would investigate further and act on the watchdog’s report.

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